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It is the mind that each of WAO!!STYLE would cherish.
Although we can not do all the things now, if each of us face customers and partners
with cherishing this mind, it will lead up to a customer satisfaction.
I think they may be vision of themselves at work.

WAO!!STYLE 顧客満足度を追求する

WAO!!STYLE ; persue customer satisfaction


“I want to persue customer satisfaction”, WAO!!STYLE was born with this mind. If I am a customer, how do I think?? I think I want to be given the experience beyond imagination. I think if WAO!!STYLE do it harder for me, I will be very glad. I want to keep being the team rather accomplishes necessary things for people than try something to be able to do.


Have a responsibility for the future of partners and oneself


Which is important for you, the future of partners or yourself? I answered my own question. I think I can’t feel happy, if only me is happy. WAO!!STYLE decided. Both of them are important. I show the actions and results so hardly that my partners will be serious. I believe the multiplier effect of the future of partners and oneself make better future.


With whom do it rather than what to do it. Be the person.


When you choose a job or play, you won’t know what will be happend unless you really try it. Then it will be correct choice. When you remember your life, there shoud be partners in every scene. “I can be anything and go to anywhere, if these partners stand by me” It is important to be yourself who is admitted as a partner. We wanna rather be chosen than choose.


How can I accomplish it? The growth is all resource.


Show the results and goals we want to accomplish. Of course, we can’t accomplish its by present ability. WAO!!STYLE is the young team. It is important to rather get over the difficulties by overwhelming effort than try something to be able to do with present career. Don’t avoid something to be able to do. There is absolutely more possibility than we think.

first nameで呼び合うことが仲間の証

It is the proof of a partner to call first name each other.


This is the culture. Basically we call first name or nickname each other. WAO!!STYLE whith is the team to pursue customer satisfaction triggered meeting present partners but it is just a trigger. Each of our future lifes we don’t see yet are filled with many encounter and parting. We want to cherish this encounter and every moment with these partners.


A sense of “!!!” ; impossible to say anything


How do you react when you are moved?? I think “shed tears” or “filled thanks for someone”. Everyone, adults, children or old, will be “…!!!” when they get daring emotion, isn’t you?? “…!!!” is a sense we can’t say anything. Can you imagine?? We want to pursue it thoroughly. If customer can say thank you, we must not be satisfacted.


We can’t grow up without continual efforts. Only continuation is the power.


It is the difference of “have done it before” and “can always do it “. Learning english and working out are same things. We need to acquire one by one in order to be a desirable state and have a desirable view. “A miracle moment” is caused by continual efforts or action. A stickler for details can leave something as form or memory.


fact ・ data × hunch = the best action


“think from someone’s point of view” “how do I feel it, if I were someone” These sense produce an instantaneous power to pursue customer satisfactions. We usually insist our liking, but we have to inspect it whethe it is correct. Facts and datas reflect the truth. We get the issues, and also act the things we feel instinctively by refering facts and datas.


forestalling・killer technique・break through from front !!


We will absolutely do what we say. We achieve it with only one chance perfectly and carefully. Even if we try to do something hastily, we must not do it sloppily. If you say you’ll do it afterward, you will be an idiot. We want to make the most of our time for partners and customers. If you get the mind, you will come to view more things.


All things depends on the preparation of 120%!!


In the real sceneof wedding, many things we didn’t expect are happend. Happenings accompanies weddings. We have to make the good things to be maximum, and the bad things to be prevented. It is the prepatation. It is important for the emotion not only to identify settings but also share the operation with partners and condition ourself and motivation.


To respect our partners and their family than everyone


There is no task which we can do by only oneself. People don’t exisit by oneself, but all of people who are friends, parteners and family bring them elements of present them. Therefore it is natural for WAO!!STYLE to respect their partners and family. We want to introduce our partners and office to their family. we will be glad if they feel proudly.


That is to say…. To decide “Living with all our best”


All of these minds are usual things. A pile of every moment is the life, so it is important for us to pursue these mind and cherish the moments. Both of works and privates are the things the same person experienced. So we have to inportantly pile each of moments with facing ourself. WAO!!STYLE is the determination to live with all our best.